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Swati Mishra
Swati MishraUpdated 4 years ago

Run for your life

Escape the Ayuwoki Horror Fort is a horror simulation game where players will find themselves running away from a monstrous creature named Ayuwoki. Trapped inside the eerie Jackson mansion, you must find a way to escape before Ayuwoki catches you. The game is all about running and hiding in different corners of the mansion in order to survive. Escape the Ayuwoki Horror Fort will have your heart racing and your sweat dripping with how scary the whole gameplay is.

A famous tale

The game is inspired by a famous creepypasta titled My Ghoul Jackson, which features an animatronic model of the late Michael Jackson that was designed to look disturbingly freaky. If you are familiar with the tale or have seen Jackson’s ghoul version, then you already have an idea what kind of monster awaits you. If you have not seen My Ghoul Jackson, you are in it for a scary surprise! 

Only one way out

Your goal in this game is to basically escape Jackson’s mansion after being mysteriously kidnapped and brought there. Unfortunately, escaping is easier said than done because the main door is locked and the only way to open it is to find the key, which is hidden somewhere in the mansion. With the dangers of being caught by Ayuwoki, players will have to be quick and stealthy in order to survive. There is the saving grace of being able to hide under pieces of furniture and inside cabinets to avoid getting caught. Also, unlike in other similar horror-survival games like Granny and Slendrina, players do not need to find or collect various objects in order to escape. You are to find just 1 key, make it to the main door, unlock it, and escape.

Another important thing to remember is to listen for the creepy “Hee-hee!” sounds that the Ayuwoki makes. The moment you hear it, you make a run for it! Quickly find a good hiding place because it means that the Ayuwoki is nearby. Be careful of the sounds you make because the ghoul has really sharp ears and can hear every sound you make. Your light footsteps from running away and the creaking of doors when they are opened or closed will not escape Ayuwoki’s ears. 

A nightmare brought to life

Escape the Ayuwoki Horror Fort is like a frightful version of hide-and-seek but nevertheless, it is a thrilling game to play. The jump scares will have you screaming your lungs out and the creepy sounds will make your heart race from the lingering feelings of fear and dread. Escape the Ayuwoki Horror Fort is already scary enough as a creepypasta tale, but it is absolutely terrifying as a game. 


  • Responsive game controls
  • Effective scare tactics
  • Easy game mechanics
  • Smooth navigation


  • No other game modes
  • No other game levels
  • No rewards system

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User reviews about Escape The Ayuwoki Horror Fort

  • Abhishek Luthra

    by Abhishek Luthra

    It's very nice and creepy game one can play it at devil hour

  • Aldo Lazarus

    by Aldo Lazarus

    because it is scary and i like it so much and it is free and


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